McMullen Museum
Floor Plan

Welcome to the Not There, Not Here audio tour with commentary by Hartmut Austen. Begin at the title panel on the staircase leading up from the first floor. The exhibition continues up the stairs, with an additional piece on the rear of the elevator shaft, up the next flight of stairs, and concludes on the third floor.

Uses jQuery Mobile framework and audiojs

1. Stage
(1st floor stairs)

image 1


2. Title Painting
(1st floor stairs)

image 2

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3. Aleppo
(1st–2nd landing)

image 3

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4. Two Prisons
(back of elevator)

image 4

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5. Seminar
(2nd floor stairs)

image 5

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6. Not There, Not Here
(2nd–3rd landing)

image 6

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7. Untitled
(3rd floor)

image 7

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8. Wall
(3rd foor)

image 8

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9. Harbor
(3rd foor)

image 9

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